VANS Communication Platforms Maintenance

The Brief and Objective

Since the year 2009, VANS has started its iWOM activities via different types of channels to establish its presence on social network atmosphere and to actively communicate / interact with the netizens who are interested at VANS.

Strategy and Approach

We have been managing VANS’s all communication platforms by: Creating the up & coming content calendar for each platform Surfing on the internet to seek for interesting materials Developing contents for all communication platforms Engaging with end-users on each platform The platforms under our management includes VANS Official Blog, RenRen Group, Douban Community, Sina Weibo, Youku Channel, Tudou Channel & Bababian Picture Sharing Space.

Measurable Results

Microblog :
After our management, VANS Sina Weibp’s number of fans have reached over 76,000, which is a quite impressive achievement under no Weibo campaigns’ supports. Further the interaction rate of each platform has been at a high level as well.

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