Case Study : Burberry iWOM (China)

The Success of Burberry iWOM in China

The Brief and Objective
Burberry is a famous British luxury fashion brand that has been found for over 150 years. Its distinctive tartan pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks and there are numerous stores around the world. Burberry has been very proactive and aggressive on social media, and it is also the best luxury brand utilizing the social media platform to communicate with its fans.

Burberry Facebook Fan Page has accumulated over 6 millions fans, which is no. 1 among all luxury brands including Dior, LV and others. In 2011, Burberry decided to further expand its social media influence to one of the biggest potential market, China, and aims to get another success on that.

Strategy and Approach
China is a very special country as they have blocked several worldwide famous social media portals such as youtube, facebook, twitter and others. Therefore we help Burberry to develop a whole new set of communities on social media in order to establish a communication platform between Burberry and its fans.

The communities we developed include: Microblog – Sina Weibo Social Network Site (SNS) community – Kaixin001 & Douban Video Sharing – Youku Channel

Other than developing the communities, we also help Burberry planning its monthly content schedule To do this, we have analyzed the peak time period of the day for Weibo users having the highest interaction rate & being more active and created different types of news & information in order to make the fans feeling more excited about us and keep following us.

Measurable Results
Microblog :
Sina Weibo is the China version of Twitter which captured over 90% market share in China. From February til now, we have recruited over 160,000 fans without doing any promotion or giving out any incentives, which has already exceeded the fans no. of LV that has been launched over 1 year. Burberry is again no. 1 luxury brand on social media in China

Social Network:
We have developed communities on 2 Social Network Sites, Kaixin001 & Douban, with 2 different approaches. For Kaixin001, we target the massive audience due to its dominated market share. For Douban, we target those niche audience who are more fashion, art & music oriented. For each community, we adjust our content strategy and approach in order to fit into the tone & manner of the different audience. From February til now, we have recruited over 60,000  fans for Kaixin001 and 13,500 fans for Douban. And we are also the first Luxury brand to land our community on Douban, which has turned out a big success.

Video Sharing:
We have been developing quite a lot of localized video contents for our Youku channel such as Burberry Acoustics MVs with Chinese lyrics, Interview with Christopher Bailey, London Fashion Show and etc. All of these have made us a huge presence on video sharing environment. And we have gained over 1,000,000 views with only launching for 4 months. This performance has also exceeded all other Luxury brands as well.

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Original Content Development

Other than usual materials provided from the global team, we brought out the ideas for Jimmy Choo to develop its own original contents for China. To do so, we can establish emotional attachment with the local netizens.

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For the coming holidays, we introduced some attractive destinations based on the past content of NOWNESS and developed a re-tweet activity. We used pictures and copies to make an overview of destinations recommended by NOWNESS.

BOSS Shanghai Fashion Show F/W 2013


Starting from May 2, 2013, we have a lucky draw activity on Sina Weibo Weibo 2.0 APP page that the netizens can have chances to win the free trip to attend BOSS Shanghai Fashion Show. On social media promotion, we have utilized KOLs’ Outreach on Weibo & Blog for this campaign. Combined with the efforts & supports from social media promotion & the Shanghai Affairs theme concept, HUGO BOSS Weibo has successfully acquired a huge amount of fanbase for long term communication usage.

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During this offline event, we launched “Big Screen” campaign to connect online and offline. We also made an online live broadcast with text and pictures from the scene. And before the event, we have created various contents and also line up a series of famous KOLs for Blog & Weibo to help promoting.

Milk Magazine Social Media Engagement

We help Milk (China) Magazine to build their social media awareness in China.

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For the Christmas, we launched a mix & match app campaign on Sina Weibo. Netizens choose items from various products to complete mix & match game and invite friends to vote for them. The winner got shopping experience in BOSS store with Leef Greener, a famous stylist.

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BOSS Green Golf Quiz APP


To make a warm-up promotion for “BMW Master 2012” sponsored by HUGO BOSS and to welcome Martin Kaymer who is golf player and ambassador of BOSS GREEN coming to China, an app game was launched on Sina Weibo. Netizens could play the game and share with friends. The winners got tickets to “BMW Master 2012”.

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For this campaign organized by NOWNESS global, we have helped to create various contents and also line up a series of famous KOLs for Blog & Weibo to help promoting.

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BOSS Black Beijing Fashion Show 2012


Collaboration: Sina Event Page / Live Broadcast
During this time period, we had an impressive performance on both social media and campaign event page.

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PRECISION worked with NewCast of ZenithOptimedia to kick off the LVMH Group Lifestyle Website “NOWNESS” social media activities and “NOWNESS” is now offering simplified chinese version for all Chinese readers.

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Puma has apponited PRECISION to handle the social media marketing activities for its FAAS running series, which includes Puma’s official Weibo, BBS Engagement & Influencers’ Outreach.

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Case Study : Burberry iWOM (China)

The Success of Burberry iWOM in China

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Burberry Body Sampling Campaign


We have cooperated with Sina Weibo to launch a sampling campaign for Burberry Body. We offer every netizens, who comes to our campaign page on Sina and apply for the sample, a free sample at Burberry retail stores. Other than the campaign page, we have also help Burberry Body to create various contents for BBS and also line up a series of famous KOLs for Blog & Weibo to help promoting the products. For this campaign, we made a wide range promotion on multiple platforms including Sina Weibo, Youku, Douban, Kaixi001.

UGG Australia’s Sina Weibo

UGG Australia under Dreckers Outdoor Corporation has appointed PRECISION to plan, develop and manage its social media platforms in China.

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Burberry Sina Weibo

After half year of excellent work, PRECISION has assisted Burberry to acquire over 210,000 fans on their Sina China official microblog (, which have outrun their direct competitors such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci & etc and become the No. 1 brand in the luxury category on social media.


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PRECISION launches Starwood Hotels Group China Human Resource Website which provides a platform for audience interested at working for Starwood to understand more about the company’s culture and training program.


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Hugo Boss, a German fashion and lifestyle brand that specializes in high-end mens- and womenswear, has appointed PRECISION to kick off & manage its China social media platforms, which involves Sina China official microblog and Youku Video Sharing website